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NutritionJobs is the go-to job source for Dietitians and Nutritionists. Browse jobs for Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, Dietetic Technicians, Dietitians-to-be, and Food Service. Read our NutritionJobs Blog to explore nutrition career opportunities, research unique Dietitian jobs, and get inspired with Dietetic Career Spotlights. Check out NutritionJobs' career articles for tips on developing expert job interviewing skills, career path insight, and private practice business tips. Sign up to receive email job notification. Be the first to hear about new jobs for Dietitians or jobs for Nutritionists in your desired area. Turn your passion in nutrition into a healthy career.

NutritionJobs was created in 2000 by Stacey Dunn-Emke, a Registered Dietitian with a passion for linking fellow Dietitians, Dietitians-to-be, Dietetic Technicians and nutrition professionals with their dream job in the fields of nutrition and dietetics.

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We have many amazing employers that you will find on NutritionJobs. To mention a few: American Dairy Association & Dairy Council, Inc., American Dietetic Association , ARAMARK, Baltimore Washington Medical Center , Carolina Nutrition Consultants Inc., Computrition Inc., Cura Hospitality, DaVita, Demand Media, Inc., Healthcare Services Group Inc., HM Composite, Iron Chef Hospitality, LA PALESTRA , Life University Department of Nutrition , LifeCare Solutions , LIVESTRONG.com, Morrison Management Specialist, Nassau County Health Department , NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Nutrition Plus , Pentec Health, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine , Renal Advantage Inc. , Sodexo, UCLA Recreation FitWell Program, United Hebrew , UW Cooperative Extension, Vitaflo USA, LLC, and many more. Read our Testimonials below to hear about their successful experience with us.

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Testimonials from Employers and Job Seekers

We welcome your testimonials, feedback, ideas, and comments to better serve you. And if NutritionJobs helped you land a great job or job candidate, tell us all about it.

We have had an enormous response to our ad and have found someone to hire. Thank you for providing an excellent resource for employers. -Melisa Wilkins, UNC at Chapel Hill

I was so pleased by the response I received to my resume posted at NutritionJobs! Because I posted my resume onNutritionJobs, I was contacted by two agencies wanting to interview me for jobs. I have just accepted a new job. -Mary Krisco, MS, RD

Thank you so much for your service. It worked so well in that I received many applicants. -Jennifer Klein RD WIC Program Director

Thanks to your website (NutritionJobs) we have had a great response to our job posting and the positions were filled. -Brandi Dickerson, RD/LD Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

Nutritionjobs.com is great and the process for posting worked really well. I put in the info and boom it was there. Also, many thanks for keeping it free for non-profits. That is a big help. -Michelle Bieber, RD, Marin County Department of Health and Human Services-WIC Program

I received many telephone calls regarding my resume and opportunities within New York State (and am still receiving calls). Thanks for the great website! -Lowry Greeley

We had such tremendous response from the ad on NutritionJobs. Within just a few days we received more responses than 4 advertisements in the Sacramento Bee Newspaper. -Kathy Pearson Executive Asst., HR, Advantage Sales and Marketing

Thank you for offering such a valuable service to nutrition professional seeking employment and employees. -Amy G. Myrdal, MS, RD Nutritionist, Nutrition & Health Program, Dole Food Company

Thank you for your prompt posting of our job opening. I have had several replies already. You are providing a great service. -Karen Davidowitz, RD, LD, The Heart and Vascular Institute of Florida

This is a very good web site; I have recommended it to many others including my manager. I also like to check it just to know what is out there. It's a good resource. It is very up to date. -Tamar Albert, RD, CNSD

...our position has been filled as a result of NutritionJobs! Thank you -Janice Rotondo, Freehold, NJ

Thank you for offering such a valuable service to nutrition professionals who are seeking employment and for employers seeking job candidates. Thanks for your help in finding my awesome position. -Amy G. Myrdal, MS, RD

I LOVE Your website! I check it very often and recommend it to others! -Cindy Kanarek Culver, RD, LD

Thank you Nutritionjobs.com. After posting my internship position, I received e-mails and resumes from several qualified applicants within 24 hours! Wow, talk about an easy way to get great talent. -Mitzi Dulan, Sports Nutritionist, San Francisco Bay Club

This website is wonderful! It really helped in finding some really good applicants for our positions!! -Elizabeth Cowie, St. Louis at Family Care Health Centers

The job vacancy we just posted on NutritionJobs has been filled by an individual who applied after viewing it on your website. Thank you very much for your help! -Heather Hart, Alaska WIC

Thank you for posting our position on your website. The exposure is incredible, we will certainly advocate your site to others looking to advertise positions. -Lissa Yuen, UCLA Center for Human Nutrition-Public Health Division

We had great success with using the website. We received 28 resumes within 2 months! We will certainly use the site in the future. Thanks again! -Krista Holthaus, RD Providence Hospital, Columbia, SC

This is a GREAT service! - Chris Genthe, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Thanks to NutritionJobs I have hired several qualified employees. -Amy

We received many resumes as a result of posting our job on your site. -Lee

NutritionJobs has given us more job applicants than newspapers and local dietetic associations alone! Thanks! -Christina

NutritionJobs is a great resource even though I'm happy with my current job. I like to see what's happening in the marketplace. I check it every day. -Tara

We have received a flood of excellent resumes from the posting. Your site is very effective, thanks for your help. -Molly

I really appreciate NutritionJobs. I think it's a great tool for dietitians. -Karen

NutritionJobs is a great help to people like me who are trying to find their place in this industry. Again thank you for providing such a wonderful service. -Selena

We received a great response from our job posted on NutritionJobs Thanks much! -Joanne

We getting some terrific responses to our job posting and are thrilled with the caliber of the respondents !!! Thank you very much. -Robert

With NutritionJobs we have filled the position! This service is wonderful! -Kirsten

We got many resumes from all over as a result of posting our job with NutritionJobs. Thanks so much -Natalie

Thank you for this wonderful website. I got three interviews out of this website. That is how I got my current job right now. This is a wonderful resource. Thank you again. -Neha Shah

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